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It doesn’t matter how good or bad a picture is, most of the time you will find something you want to fix. You might consider applying filters, adding masks or changing the color balance. All to enhance the beauty of the photo.

In the past, you will need paid applications installed on a computer to do these tasks. Today a lot of these are available for free and most are browser based, eliminating the need for an install. Now if that sounds good, here are the top choices according to features and popularity;

Pixlr Editor – One of the most completely packed imaging application. It has almost everything you need from enhancers, distortions, filters and transformations. It can save images on different formats, upload to social networks or save on drives. This software is the closest you can get to Photoshop. The only con is it does need editing experience.

Picmonkey – Another promising app that lets you pick the Output quality upon upload. A toolbar at the top lets you experiment on the picture complete with an undo and redo button. It is user friendly and a good tool for beginners. Cons: You need to watch out for paid premium tools and ads. You also need to complete one operation before moving to another.

Photoshop express – The grandfather of editors. This is a lighter version. It offers great automated filters and enhancements that previews at mouse point. Unlike the paid version though, editing is limited to 16 megapixels of JPEG format.

Paint.Net – Is not a clone on Microsoft’s basic paint. This tool is good for the little tasks that do not need much power. It is easy to operate with a vast library of plugins. It also carries essential tools like layers, history and filters. It may lack in some areas, but for computers lacking in RAM, this is the best choice.

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