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We have seen amazing photo galleries online from different websites. These galleries were created with such beauty and art. We are curious on how they are made and if we can also create such a beautiful gallery. We may think it is hard to do, yet all we need is to start and learn how to do it. Perhaps, the beginning is always a tough one but through research, practice and patience, we can come up with our own gallery.

Whether you need a gallery for your website, blogs or products, you can apply these basic steps of creating gallery online;

1.     Choose the pictures you want to have in your gallery.

2.     Organize the pictures orderly.

3.     Select a template for your gallery.

4.     Put your website detail.

5.     Add caption and titles to the photos.

6.     Define output settings.

7.     Take a sneak peak of your web gallery in a browser.

8.     Upload your web gallery.



  • Put a copyright watermark.
  • Have it saved as custom web template or web collection.

Having your own pictures and picking the right tools to organize your important and memorable photos can make a huge different in creating a better gallery online. If you own a business, you get the opportunity to share photos of your products or services you provide to the customers like for example. Or if you’re a professional photographer, you can create a presentable gallery with sample masterpiece of your photography that your potential clients can check. If you have a personal blog, you may want to create an online gallery with photos of specials events and occasions you’ve attended. Therefore, we can judge that online gallery creation has a lot of merits that can be enjoyed by web users. So if you have captured stuff to show the world, why not make the most of online gallery?

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