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The days when people looked at still images on porn websites are almost gone. Most people these day either want a video or a GIF image. This tutorial on how to create porn GIFS and upload them online shows you the best ways to do so. GIF images have become more and more popular every year. The reason why people are choosing GIFS instead of regular pictures are due to the animation it offers. They are also better than videos because of the size difference. A porn video as large as 1GB can take a long time to upload and share. However, the same video turned into a porn GIF will only take seconds.

GIF porn images are popular since you can get to see movement. When it comes to porn images, seeing the images move is the next best thing to being there. When GIF images came on the scene, not everyone knew how to make them. Unless you had programs like Photoshop, creating a porn GIF was very difficult. Even for those that have the program, it is still no easy task doing so.

For those that want an easier option for making a porn GIF, there are several sites that make it simple for you. One of the best sites for creating porn GIFS or any other type of animated GIF image is Imgflip. There is nothing much to do on this site except upload the sex pictures or porn images you want to use. Once you upload them, you will instantly see a preview of your porn GIF. You can upload as many images as you want, but there will be a time limit on how long each image is seen. That’s because most GIFS are only about 10 to 15 seconds.

One of the best things about Imgflip is the amount of tweaking you can do to your porn GIFS images. You can select the quality of the GIF porn image as well as the width and height. There is also a delay button to let you choose how fast or slow you want the images to change in each frame. In case you want to rearrange the order of your sex pictures, you can do that easily as well. Just arrange your images by selecting one and moving it to the spot you want.

Another great feature that Imgflip has is the Video to GIF maker. If you have a video you want to turn into a porn GIF, then you can do that on Imgflip too. Or you can simply paste the URL of the hardest porno site that has the video. You can use videos from YouTube or any video websites available.

If you want to add text to your porn GIFS, Imgflip lets you do that also. Once you have all of the sex pictures ready to make your porn gif, just hit create GIF image. Imgflip will add a watermark with their site’s name on the pornstar GIF you create though. If you don’t want to have a watermark, you can use their Pro version for a small fee.

If you have Photoshop, it will take you a few steps which are a bit more complicated. But, if you follow them correctly, you can make a gif porn with no problem. Creating a porn GIF image out of your sex pictures with Photoshop is a bit difficult for those with no experience with photo editing. But you will have more options and can do much more to the images. To create a porn GIF using Photoshop you will need to upload your images into the program. Do that by clicking on File>Scripts and then Load Files Into Stack. Next, you select Browse to pick the sex pictures you want to use in your porn gif image. Click OK.

The next step is to open the Timeline window pane. Go to navigation, choose Window, then Timeline. Once you are in Timeline, select the Create Frame Animation tab. To create a new layer for all of your images or new frame, choose Select, then All Layers. You can preview your porn GIF by pressing the play button icon on Photoshop. Once you save your porn GIFS, you are ready to go.

For most people, using a website that can let you create a porn gif is much easier. There are other sites that let you do so easily and quickly. A great site to make porn GIFS images is Makeagif. Once you are on the site, choose the Create a GIF tab. From there, you make your porn GIFS using sex pics, YouTube, video to GIF or webcam to GIF. Just follow the instructions on the site to create your porn GIFS and you are done.

Other sites you can also use to make porn gifs very quick and without much hassle are Gifmaker.me and Gifcreator.me. The Giphy site also lets you make great porn gifs out of your sex pictures in a few simple steps. Their interface is easy to follow and gives you several options.

Once you have your porn GIFS created, uploading them online to any site is simple. It is the same steps you would follow for uploading a file or an image. We are looking forward to seeing the beautiful pics you have created of all the hot girls.